April 2019 Prophetic Focus

Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Beloved, ninety days have come & gone in this year 2019, our year of PLEASURES in the KING’S DELIGHT CHURCH GLOBAL, KDCG, Family.

To our God & the Father of our Lord Jesus alone be all the glory for His unfailing LOVE & great faithfulness towards us as a church & as individuals, in bearing us witness at all times, confirming the preaching of the WORD OF FAITH THAT WORKS BY LOVE FOR THE TERMINATION OF THE SUFFERINGS OF HUMANITY ALL OVER THE WORLD with signs, wonders, divers miracles & the gifts of the Holy Ghost according to His own will!

He didn’t allow the powers of darkness to hinder our good success & all round prosperity at any time.

Again, to Him & our Lord Jesus be all the glory forever!

All through the month of March, TOTAL HEALTH, according to His Word, was our individual & corporate testimony!

There was the case of an old man among us whose health was challenged but glory be to Jesus for the healing & restoration that he enjoyed from the Lord!

What is the God of KING’S DELIGHT CHURCH GLOBAL saying to us in this month of April, in this Family?

We know from records of Scriptures & individual testimonies that things that may be hard & difficult for people who don’t belong to Jesus are always easy with everyone in Him & living by His Word.

For instance, while people outside God’s great & gigantic Family in Jesus are struggling with & suffering lack of good food, good clothes, good accommodation, healthy family relationships & provisions of other basic & good things of life, we who are obedient to His Word & walking in His LOVE, by His grace, are enjoying supernatural provisions, including sorrow free finances with material blessings & sharing with others.

For example, when our Ministry was to take off, the Lord, eight month’s earlier had spoken in my ears about the precise office location & the family that should initially accommodate me, & behold, as He had said, so also we found it!

One of our dear friends who saw the office where it was situated commented that only God could have done it because to imagine that there would be space in that kind of place was impossible!

However, our Father Who turns impossibilities to POSSIBILITIES had ordained & arranged it all before the world began for His glory.

Again, our residential accommodation is just less than two minutes’ walk to the (temporary)worship center & about ten minutes’ walk to the church office.

In fact, the former occupants of the residential apartments were all evicted through court process without us knowing anything about it(we hadn’t even been in the city before the eviction process started) but because God has need of the place for His glory, He had to do what He must do.

All the glory to Him forever, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

From the testimonies stated above, it is clear that whatever God is involved in by Jesus is always supernatural, & He spoke to me very clearly that April 2019, for us in the KDCG Family, individually & corporately, is our month of the SUPERNATURAL!

Therefore, April 2019 is hereby declared: THE SUPERNATURAL IS MINE –
Jn 3.8; Heb 2.4; Mark 16.20; 1 Cor 12.7-12.

I know certainly that in this month & beyond, in whatever & wherever you’ve been struggling, you’ll find things very easy, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Welcome to your season of heaven on earth, indeed, with BETTER THAN GOOD TESTIMONIES!




olusegun ONI,
Senior Pastor.

N.B. Please, visit our website: olusegunonievangelicalworldoutreach18.cw.center to know the Ministry’s events for this month.

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