Prophetic Focus – JULY 2019

Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

To our good & wonderful heavenly Father & our Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory forever for the glorious experiences we had from January all through June this year, both as a church & as individuals.

As a church, we are experiencing stable, peaceful, joyful & healthy growth on all sides, as each month is always a plus on the previous; & as individuals, testimonies of our God ‘s & Father’s faithfulness to His Word of Faith that Works by Love for the Termination of the Sufferings of Humanity the world over keep pouring in, testimonies of helps, financial favours, healings, restorations, advancements, escapes from sufferings, sorrows & shame!

Just last Sunday, which was our special mid year thanksgiving service, a dear lady shared her testimony of how shame was looming at her & the children for lack of money to pay school fees but as she kept hearing & applying herself to the Word of Faith that Works by Love for the Termination of the Suffering of Humanity all over the world, just a couple of days to the deadline for payment, our God showed up, the shame was averted & the family is happy!

The same day, another dear brother, whom we’ve not seen for about twenty four years, testified of how he had already given up on the ministry he had received in the Lord because of challenges that brought frustrations but when our Ministry came into the city & he associated with the Word of Faith that Works by Love for the Termination of Suffering of Humanity all over the world, hope & faith came back alive & he’s restored!

Again, to our God & the Father of our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ be all the glory!

From the earlier stated, it’s very obvious that as a church & as individuals, our heavenly Father will still show us more of His love & faithfulness in this month of July.

How will He do these, you may ask?

1 Corinthians 2.9-10; & 1 Timothy 6.12 give us very clear understanding.

Accessing His packaged glorious blessings for us, as being revealed by the Holy Spirit, will require that we stand in His faith & fixed Nature, that is to agree, cooperate & allow Him to work in us of & for His good pleasures with the unfailing resultant effects of our being undeniably & enviably blessed with the good of the land, even the better things that accompany (our) salvation for the better than good life (in Christ Jesus)- Phillipians 2.13; Isaiah 1.19; Hebrews 6.9; & Revelation 5.10,12.

It was the working of His faith & fixed Nature in the lives of the patriarchs of old – Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Nehemiah, Ezra, Daniel, David, Paul, Peter, Philip, Cornelius, Philemon, Aquila, Priscilla & numerous others that MOVED them all out of slavery & low places up into their HIGH places in Christ & life.

Even in our contemporary days, all the Kingdom giants, our fathers & mothers in the faith are all products of His faith & fixed Nature & were, have been & are being sustained by the same spiritual entities…

Therefore, the month of July 2019, for us in the KING’S DELIGHT CHURCH GLOBAL Family, is declared as, HIS NATURE IS MINE! 1 Timothy 4.8; 6.12; 1 John 5.13.

By reason of Him & His essentials at work in you, your suffering free, shame free & sorrow free life with the fullness of His blessings & glories will be truly undeniable & enviable, all the days of your life, with better than good testimonies, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Be blessed as we sail along & soar higher & higher together, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

The teaching focus this month is on God’s Performances!

olusegun ONI,
Senior Pastor.

Note: Special events:
1. HIGHER MOVEMENT – Sunday, July 14 – Sunday July 21;
2. RESTORATION HOUR – Friday, July 5.

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