Ministry’s events for April 2019

  1. Holy Ghost Service: Sundays, 9am-11am;
  2. Tree of Life service(committing the new month into our God’s Hand for FRUITFULNESS & TIMELY BLESSINGS): Monday, April 01, 2019; 5pm-6pm;
  3. Restoration Hour Prayers(monthly): Friday, April 05, 2019; 5pm-6pm;
  4. Flourishing To Flourishing Encounter Hour(once in 2 months, for our individual & corporate all round ENLARGEMENT with ease, by the Word, Intercessions & Praise): Friday, April 12, 2019; 4pm-6.30pm;
  5. Resurrection Power Hour (the Word with fasting, prayers, & praise): Theme: HE IS ALIVE! Friday, April 19, 2019; 4.30p.m-6.30pm.
  6. Special Easter Sunday Service(with Love Feast): Sunday, April 21, 2019: 9am-11am;
  7. Glory To Glory Word Hour: Thursdays; 5pm-6.15pm;
  8. Power To Power Prayer Hour(when we take grace of the Holy Spirit for the Word of Faith that works by LOVE to grow in our lives so as to always prevail against the operations of the powers of darkness arrayed against us & for us to move from where we are to where we should be): Mondays; 5pm-6pm.

Prepare to be part of these events & you’ll not only be glad you did, the BETTER THAN GOOD encounters will also be evident all your life time, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

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