Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I am so sure that today has been answering favourably for you & I believe that in the few moments remaining to the close of today, Daddy will still load you with benefits that should come to you, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

This evening at KING’S DELIGHT CHURCH GLOBAL, we started a series of teachings in our Thursday GLORY TO GLORY WORD HOUR, with the theme: THE BLESSINGS OF TOTAL HEALTH!

In these series, we are considering our gains when we are TOTALLY HEALTHY in order to stimulate a very strong desire & pursuit of our TOTAL HEALTH.

These series become very necessary since it has been observed & discovered that profit stirs up interest which gives birth to desire & pursuit.

It was such a glorious time this evening in Church & I believe that as you read this, your Total Health will move from glory to glory, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

It’s very fundamental for us to appreciate the fact that everything that our heavenly Father has done for us in the finished works of our Lord Jesus on the Cross & His resurrection from the dead is completely for our benefit – Romans 8.28-32; Luke 10.17-20.

For instance, when it comes to Total Health, it’s all for us.

The Trinity – Father, Son & Holy Spirit can’t ever be sick!

They are the Total Health & its allied matters Provider – Exodus 15.26; 23.25-26; Matthew 8.16-17; 1 Peter 2.24; Romans 8.11.

Daddy is the Giver of life & He’s our Maker – Acts 17.28; 1 Corinthians 15.47,45; Isaiah 54.5.

The One Who has what to give is the Giver & the one who doesn’t have what is given but receives is the receiver, the Benefactor & the beneficiary – Matthew 7.7-11; James 1.17; Acts 17.28.

Having established that truth, let’s now look at two of the blessings of Total Health:

  1. It brings glory to God – 1 Corinthians 6.19-20. He created us for His glory – Isaiah 43.7 – & His desire is for us to reflect that glory.

In John 9.1-3, Jesus makes it clear to us that healing & Total Health are to display God’s glory.

The restoration of any bodily deficiency & the preservation of Total Health are to display our Father’s glory in our lives!

Our Father can’t ever be infirmed & we, His children shouldn’t & must not be sick, just as Jesus gave us the example – like Father, like Son.

Many people, including children of God, ignorantly question the validity of Total Health, using other Christians, even servants of the Lord who become victims & casualties of Satanic onslaught.

Without prejudice to & judging the faith of such people, I still insist that as long as there is the New Testament provision, not just for divine healing but also for TOTAL HEALTH, I’ll always subscribe to the two & much more, Total Health, moreso, when I have Jesus as my pattern – Hebrews 12.1-2.

He could have been sick & be healed but He refused to be sick, rather He chose to be & remain HEALTHY! Revelation 5.12.

Anyway, Christians should grow more in the Lord & His Word.

While it is true that some have issues along the line, that shouldn’t be enough strong reason for others to fail in the faith rather we should pray in love for their quick & steady restoration – Galatians 6.1-3 – & be encouraged by Jesus & those who are getting results the right way – Luke 18.8; 22.31-32; Hebrews 12.2; 6.12; Revelation 12.11.

2. Total Health makes us not to be a burden to our loved ones, the Church & the society – Mark 5.25-26.

In the story of the woman who suffered from persistent flow of blood for twelve years before encountering our Lord Jesus, it is obvious that she must have been a burden to her loved ones since she would be physically weak & financially insolvent, as the Scriptures pointed out that she had spent all that she had on her health but rather than get better, she grew worse.

However, on encountering our Lord Jesus, she wasn’t just healed but was made whole, restored to Total Health mode – Mark 5.34(Amplified & New International versions of the Bible).

I so much love the rendering of the New International version: “…Go in peace & be FREED FROM YOUR SUFFERING”.

That doesn’t just sound like Total Health, it is indeed, TOTAL HEALTH!


Glory Halleluyah!

I hereby pronounce you free from whatever has tied down your health, & has made you a burden, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

How do you get these blessings?

We’ll just look at one point.

Be filled with the abundance of the Truth of God’s Word on Total Health – Jeremiah 33.6; Proverbs 4.20-22.

There’s this soft, foamy sponge used in bathing babies, which(the sponge) soaks in water easily & when it is squeezed, the water soaked in is what comes out.

Children of God are supposed to be full of the Word of God, even particularly in the areas they need help such that when any attack is attempted, out of the ABUNDANCE OF THE HEART, THE MOUTH WILL SPEAK! Matthew 12.34.

In Colossians 3.16, we are instructed to “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you RICHLY in ALL wisdom…”.

That is the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY with which we OVERCOME the devil & his powers of darkness! Revelation 12.11.

God said through Job that we are to “…esteem His Word more than…necessary food” – Job 23.12.

Also speaking through Moses, Daddy expects us to eat His Word like food so that we can live well – Deuteronomy 8.3; Matthew 4.4.

When you create time to study & meditate in His Word just as you make out time to eat natural food regularly, then you are on the way to Total Health – 2 Timothy 2.15; Joshua 1.8.

When Jesus was here & after His resurrection, He was talking about the good news of the Kingdom – Acts 1.3.

It is time to start talking about the Kingdom over your life & stop talking earthly.

You are to be earthly relevant by being heavenly conscious!

Start speaking about what is written in your favour in the Scriptures & stop talking about seemingly negative things!

In Job 6.25, the effect of speaking the Word of God is resounded.


On the other hand, arguing, negative words, words of doubts, inconsistency in speaking God’s Words always produce arguing & arguments.

Arguments implies struggles which always generate contentions & delays.

When Daniel of old prayed to God, we understand that right from the first day he prayed, answer was granted but there was contention in the realm of the spirit, as powers of darkness withstood the angel Gabriel who was bringing the response to Daniel’s prayer but Daniel kept praying, he kept using right words of God(prayer is speaking with God based on & with the Scriptures which are the right words of life – 2 Timothy 3.15-17 ) till he took delivery of His heart’s desires though he continued for three weeks, until there was reinforcement for the angel Gabriel – Daniel 10.2,12-13.

You don’t wait to be sick before speaking the right words of life, the true Words of God…

…That should be your lifestyle as a child of God, you’re from heaven & the language of heaven must be your default language in order to always have breakthrough in life, & your health.

The Lord bless you!



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