Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I believe that ALL your PRAISE is going UP to our God & Father & He is GOING WITH you through life, beautyfully?

Today’s post is the message of our Glory To Glory Word Hour, at KDCG, yesterday.

Be BLESSED as you read, in Jesus’ most colourful name!


1. Praise provokes divine helps that brings beauty instead of shame, by silencing every known or unknown opposition – Psalm 149.4,6-9(KJV):

[4]”For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation”.

[6]”Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand”;

[7]”To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people”;

[8]To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;

[9]”To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the LORD.

The powers of darkness & the spirit of the antichrist had programmed complete shame for Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego & Daniel but as they testified to our God & Father’s faithfulness, goodness & mercies, for that’s what praise is, He showed up majestically & turned the planned shame into His beauty & silenced the oppositions!

Daniel 3.15,17-19,21-30(KJV):

[15]”Now if ye be ready that at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, ye fall down and worship the image which I have made; well: but if ye worship not, ye shall be cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace; and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands”?

[17]”If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king”.

[18]”But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up”.

[19]”Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury, and the form of his visage was changed against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: therefore he spake, and commanded that they should heat the furnace one seven times more than it was wont to be heated”.

[21]”Then these men were bound in their coats, their hosen, and their hats, and their other garments, and were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace”.

[22]”Therefore because the king’s commandment was urgent, and the furnace exceeding hot, the flame of the fire slew those men that took up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego”.

[23]”And these three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, fell down bound into the midst of the burning fiery furnace”.

[24]”Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astonied, and rose up in haste, and spake, and said unto his counsellors, Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king, True, O king”.

[25]”He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God”.

[26]”Then Nebuchadnezzar came near to the mouth of the burning fiery furnace, and spake, and said, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, ye servants of the most high God, come forth, and come hither. Then Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, came forth of the midst of the fire”.

[27]”And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king’s counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them”.

[28]”Then Nebuchadnezzar spake, and said, Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who hath sent his angel, and delivered his servants that trusted in him, and have changed the king’s word, and yielded their bodies, that they might not serve nor worship any god, except their own God”.

[29]”Therefore I make a decree, That every people, nation, and language, which speak any thing amiss against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, shall be cut in pieces, and their houses shall be made a dunghill: because there is no other God that can deliver after this sort”.

[30]”Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in the province of Babylon”.

Daniel 6.10,16-17,19-24,26-28(KJV):

[10]”Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime“.

[16]”Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. Now the king spake and said unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee”.

[17]”And a stone was brought, and laid upon the mouth of the den; and the king sealed it with his own signet, and with the signet of his lords; that the purpose might not be changed concerning Daniel“.

[19]”Then the king arose very early in the morning, and went in haste unto the den of lions”.

[20]”And when he came to the den, he cried with a lamentable voice unto Daniel: and the king spake and said to Daniel, O Daniel, servant of the living God, is thy God, whom thou servest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions?

[21]Then said Daniel unto the king, O king, live for ever”.

[22]”My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me: forasmuch as before him innocency was found in me; and also before thee, O king, have I done no hurt”.

[23]”Then was the king exceeding glad for him, and commanded that they should take Daniel up out of the den. So Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no manner of hurt was found upon him, because he believed in his God”.

[24]”And the king commanded, and they brought those men which had accused Daniel, and they cast them into the den of lions, them, their children, and their wives; and the lions had the mastery of them, and brake all their bones in pieces or ever they came at the bottom of the den”.

[26]”I make a decree, That in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and stedfast for ever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end”.

[27]”He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions”.

[28]So this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius, and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian.

Our God & Father did it for Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego as they praised Him, He’ll do it for you, as you also praise Him, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Also, in Acts 16.24-26,38-39(KJV), the account of Paul’s & Silas’ beautyful deliverance from determined shame & premature death by the powers of darkness & the spirit of the antichrist was recorded:

[24]”Who, having received such a charge, thrust them into the inner prison, and made their feet fast in the stocks“.

[25]”And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them”.

[26]”And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed“.

[38]”And the serjeants told these words unto the magistrates: and they feared, when they heard that they were Romans”.

[39]”And they came and besought them, and brought them out, and desired them to depart out of the city.

Our God & Father wrought great deliverance for Paul & Silas as they sang praises to Him, when you do the same in that situation, you’ll also enjoy His honour & beauty, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

You know what happens when praise singers praise individuals at social engagements, such individuals will virtually give all their money to the musicians, in the same way, when you, as the child of God sings His praise AT ALL TIMES, He’ll ALWAYS STAND FOR YOU!

From this moment, you won’t ever be put to shame, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

You’ll be promoted, prosper & live long in the land, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

All your shame will supernaturally turn into our God & Fathers beauty, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

All your oppositions will be silenced, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Take grace, now, to always sing your God & Father’s praise, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Be BLESSED with better than good testimonies, in Jesus’ most colourful name!




Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I have no doubt that your encounters with Abba Father today in church will make you an impossible case to the powers of darkness & nothing will be impossible to you, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

It was a most wonderful & better than good time for us at KDCG this morning as the Holy Spirit glorified the Father, our Lord Jesus & the Word of God in us, individually & as a congregation.

The teaching focus was on THE POWER OF PRAISE – 6.

Praise provokes the fresh anointing for exploits & flourishings– Psalm 92.1-2, 9-14(KJV):

[1](A Psalm or Song for the sabbath day.) It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High”:

[2]”To shew forth thy lovingkindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night”,

[9]”For, lo, thine enemies, O LORD, for, lo, thine enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered”.

[10]”But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil“.

[11]”Mine eye also shall see my desire on mine enemies, and mine ears shall hear my desire of the wicked that rise up against me”.

[12]”The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon”.

[13]”Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God”.

[14]”They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing”;

[15]”To shew that the LORD is upright: he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him“.

Just as the anointing of the Holy Spirit within the believer for good understanding of the Word of God & Christlike character is very important – I John 2.20,27; John 14.26 – equally very important is the Holy Ghost anointing upon the believer, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to activate the Divine Nature, Eternal Life, our heavenly Father’s Nature in Him for the common good & profit of all, including the believer – 1 Corinthians 12.7-10, 31; 13; Acts 10.38.

By the anointing of the Holy Spirit within, the believer knows exactly what to do & by the Holy Spirit anointing upon, He’s able to do what he’s supposed to do per time from place to place, according to God’s Word.

The accomplishment of the believer’s golden, glorious & royal destiny & purpose with ease, peace, & apace is basically determined by the functioning of the Holy Spirit, both within & upon the believer.

The anointing upon is our heavenly Father’s Fire over & around us in life so that the evil fires of the powers of darkness won’t ever limit our rapid & steady advancements in life – Zechariah 2.4-5(KJV):

[4]”And said unto him, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein”:

[5]”For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her”.

Do you still recall the three Hebrew children – Shedrach, Meshach & Abednego – & how, even in their days of former dispensation & covenant, they provoked these dual functions of the Holy Spirit?

I heard the story of a young man who after graduating from the University with first class ended up as a gateman, the same job that his father & three senior brothers who were graduates are also doing because there was a curse on the male members of the family but glory to God, by the helps of the Holy Spirit, the curse was destroyed in the life of that young man & not too long, he got a good job at a bank & about six months later, supernaturally became a bank manager!

In the Body of Christ, glory with abundance of sorrow free blessings is our hallmark, & the spiritual preservation by the Holy Ghost fire is in place!

Glory! Halleluyah!

The dual function of the Holy Spirit over the believer’s life makes him or her to be unstoppable in life assignments – John 3.8(KJV):

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

Jesus manifested in these dual functions of the Holy Spirit & that made Him to be fulfilled!

Knowledge, by the anointing within, makes the believer to be adequately strong – Proverbs 24.5 – however, by the anointing upon, the believer will be able to translate the adequate strength into action for Kingdom exploits as occasion demands – Daniel 11.32(KJV):

“And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

2 Corinthians 2.14(KJV):

Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place”.

David, the last son of Jesse & the second king of Israel, couldn’t have fulfilled his glorious, golden & royal destiny & purpose without the dual functions of the Holy Spirit, & you know that he was the sweet Psalmist of Israel?

He never saw any unfaithfulness in our heavenly Father or His Christ or His Holy Spirit!

In my own life, I keep enjoying these dual functions of the Holy Spirit – August of 1995; January of 1996; diversely between 1997 & 2017; last Thursday of August 2018; within the first two weeks of this year; & twice this month, already, making my life most comfortably blessed & being fulfilled in my golden, glorious & royal destiny & purposes in Christ Jesus!

…, & by His grace, I celebrate Jehovah Abba Father in His faithfulness, always!

2. Praise helps the assurance of your confidence in God that produces the stability of faith to get your promised blessings – Romans 4.20-21


[20]”He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God”;

[21]”And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.

Hebrews 11.11(KJV):

Through faith also Sara herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged him faithful who had promised.

Abraham & Sarah refused to be discouraged or frustrated by any physical, physiological, social or traditional facts but holding on to God’s promise, they were giving glory to God, judging Him faithful, & their miracle surfaced!

According to 1 Samuel 1.17-19, after Hannah had prayed & Eli, the Priest of God had blessed her, she changed her countenance from that of sadness to joy, & when she started praising & glorifying God, that same night, her story was changed & God remembered her, & her Samuel came forth!

I don’t know what your Isaac or Samuel or desire may be but beloved, as you give God all your praise, He’ll certainly change your story into His glory, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

This is your week of all possibility!




Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

We’re already in the second half of this month & I strongly believe that as you keep giving our heavenly Father all your praise, He’ll perfect everything that pertain to you, in Jesus’ most colourful name!


1. Praise provokes great  harvests of the seeds & offerings you’re sowing Zechariah 8.12(KJV):

“”For the seed shall be prosperous; the vine shall give her fruit, and the ground shall give her increase, and the heavensshall give their dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things.

When you praise God, what you’re actually doing is watering the seeds you’re sowing in life – both for the advancement of God’s Kingdom on the earth, by your prayers & fasting, evangelising, soul winning & bringing people to church, involvement in church service units & other activities, & tithes & offerings; & also your education, career, business & ministry – Hebrews 13.15(KJV):

By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

If you breath on a mirror, you’ll discover that mist will cover the surface & when you wipe the mist away, the mirror becomes clearer, similarly, your life becomes better & shining when you give quality praise to our heavenly Father because then, He’ll make your spiritual & secular services to be both productive & profitable, by the dew of heaven & the increase ofthe earth!

Hosea 2.21-22(KJV):

[21]”And it shall come to pass in that day, I will hear, saith the LORD, I will hear the heavens, and they shall hear the earth;

[22] “And the earth shall hear the corn, and the wine, and the oil; and they shall hear Jezreel.

The “corn,…wine,…oil” represent the better things that accompany salvation Hebrews 6.9, & “…Jezreel” represents you & I(the believer) & our endeavours.

In effect, our heavenly Father is enlightening us to the fact that, as we take grace to serve & praise Him acceptably in Godly & reverential fear, He’ll make our lives to be better than good, on all sides! Hebrews 12.28.

Psalm 67.1,5-7(KJV):

[1]”(To the chief Musician on Neginoth, A Psalm or Song.) God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.

[5]Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee”.

[6]”Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us”.

[7]”God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him”.

Malachi 3.10-11(KJV):

[10]”Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it“.

[11]”And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts”.

The child of God must have the good understanding that whatever service he or she is rendering in God’s Kingdom is not to help God or the church but is for his or her favour & blessing!

2. Praise provokes healing & total health – Proverbs 17.22(KJV):

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones”.

Sickness is a spiritual matter though it manifests through different ways & so it must be handled spiritually with the Word of God!

The same day that Jesus took away our sins on the cross, He also took away our sicknesses & diseases – 1 Peter 2.24(KJV):

“Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed”.

Proverbs 18.14(KJV):

The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear”?

When the believer knows that sickness doesn’t come from God, he or she will be joyful & excited to confront the satanic hosts causing the harassment with the Word of God!

Whenever you notice sickness trying to disturb you, put a song of praise from your heart into your mouth, you may even be humming the song initially, you’ll soon discover that your mouth will open & voice will be given to the song, & not too long, you’ll discover that by faith, you’re making attempts to get off the bed!

Isaiah 33.24(KJV):

“And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick: the people that dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity”.

Joel 3.10(KJV):

“Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong”.

As you sing praises to God & behave according to His Word that you’re not sick but strong & start doing what strong people do, you’ll soon notice that the sickness has gone back to where it came from!

No wonder, then, you’ll always read in the Gospel accounts of Jesus telling those who come to Him for healing & related matters to cheer up, that is, be joyful, be excited, your help has come, your healing, restoration has come!

Some years back, in the early ’90s, a woman was diagnosed with terminal cancer & she was given only six months to live.

Many leading servants of God have prayed for her but the cancer didn’t leave her, so she summoned courage & gathered & read books on divine healing…, today, she’s still alive!

Jesus paid the price for all the sufferings & troubles that Satan & his hosts have lined up against you but you must also know that you don’t pay for the same product twice in the same store.

Healing & total health are yours, take them from God’s Word & with joy & go, fulfilling your glorious, golden & royal destiny & purpose apace, with peace & ease, in a very grand style & colours!

Enjoy long life with the salvation, completeness of God’s blessings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!




Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I believe you’re not tired of praising our good heavenly Father & I’m sure He also isn’t tired of raising you higher, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Today’s post is the message of our Holy Ghost service on Sunday, at KDCG.


In praise, the believer provokes the Voice of God.

Here are three more things that the Voice of God performs for the child of God:

1. Fruitfulness, good success, God’s speed comes by God’s Voice – Psalm 29.8(KJV):

“The voice of the LORD maketh the hinds to calve, and discovereth the forests: and in his temple doth every one speak of his glory”.

Our heavenly Father wants us to move at His pace – that’s divine speed, that’s good success, that’s fruitfulness, when you’re in step with the Lord!

Isaiah 48.17(KJV):

“Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.

Our Father’s good mind for us in His great & gigantic family on the earth here is to have good success – Joshua 1.8(KJV):

“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

As you follow His glorious Voice, everything will be answering like automatic, sweatless for you!

From this moment, failure in any good thing of life won’t be mentioned with you again, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

The last failure you had is the last you’ll record, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

2. God’s Voice gives His children direction – when the believer doesn’t know what to do, when there’s confusion, God’s Voice is the safest & surest way out!
The One Who is the Most High sees clearer & better & knows all things, you can totally trust Him with your whole life

A man of God shared a testimony some time ago, though funny but it’s relevant here.

He was going for a programme & suddenly he drove into a gridlock, which of course, will make him get late to his programme, so he decided to follow(thinking & believing that taxi drivers know short cuts) a taxi driver who pulled into a side road to escape the traffic jam, & he followed him till the taxi driver drove into his compound.

Beloved, the safest person to travel with in all of the journey of life is the Owner & Giver of life!

Isaiah 30.20-21,29-30(KJV):

[20]”And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers“:

[21]”And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left”.

[29]”Ye shall have a song, as in the night when a holy solemnity is kept; and gladness of heart, as when one goeth with a pipe to come into the mountain of the LORD, to the mighty One of Israel.

[30]And the LORD shall cause his glorious voice to be heard, and shall shew the lighting down of his arm, with the indignation of his anger, and with the flame of a devouring fire, with scattering, and tempest, and hailstones”.

When our ministry was to commence, it was by His glorious Voice.

Even when I thought I had prepared & set, His Voice told me three times not to move yet!

When it was His time for me to move, His Voice sounded again, & as I obeyed, things happened like automatic.

His Voice told me who to accommodate me temporarily & the precise location of the assignment!

At the time, my finances was so much that after paying the transport fare, I can’t do anything much again but alas, a dear sister who hadn’t communicated for a while called & do you know, asked a very funny question, “where are you, sir”, to which I replied her that I was on my way for the commencement of the ministry, & immediately, she transferred some money into my account!

Psalm 29.8(KJV):”The voice of the LORD shaketh the wilderness; the LORD shaketh the wilderness of Kadesh”.

In the wilderness, anywhere you look is like the way & if you’re not conversant with the route, you’ll have gone off tangent too long, thinking you’re on your path.

I’m sure you’ve heard & read the Scriptures in the book of Proverbs that there’s a way that seems right… but it’s the way of destruction & death – you won’t die prematurely & you won’t be destroyed, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

When you read the accounts of Paul the Apostle & Barnabbas in the book of Acts, from chapter thirteen, it was God’s Voice Who gave them directions for a most fruitful missionary journey.

I pray for you that one step to miss your mark, God’s Voice will sound for you & you will obey Him, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

3. God’s Voice gives supernatural strength for supernatural victory – Isaiah 30.31(KJV):

“For through the voice of the LORD shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod.

It’s God’s Voice Who stops the activities of your oppressors & terminates the sufferings of your life!

In 2 Kings 3.15-16,18-26, there’s the account of how by praise, God’s Voice came to Elisha, God’s prophet & the message of the Voice strengthened God’s people unto the battle that was against them, where they got the victory & gathered much blessings!

By the Word of God, I declare you strong & victorious in any battle that may come against you, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Give Him your praise & He’ll give you His Voice & your life won’t ever remain the same!




Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

This post is the message of our Glory To Glory Word Hour on Thursday, at KDCG.

As you read, you’ll be changed from glory to glory, in Jesus’ most colourful name!


Acceptable Praise provokes the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit, Who does the following for the saints of God:

1. Breaks & scatters every hard thing that the powers of darkness want to use to introduce hardships against the saints – Psalm 29.5-6(KJV):

[5]”The voice of the LORD breaketh the cedars; yea, the LORD breakeththe cedars of Lebanon”.

[6]He maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn.

At the sound of the Voice of God, hardships turn to ease – Matthew 11.28-30(KJV):

[28]”Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.

[29]”Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

[30]”For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light“.

Our Lord Jesus came to give ease where there is hardship & suffering!

2. Scatters every flames of fire that the powers of darkness have made against us for life to be unbearable – Psalm 29.7(KJV):

The voice of the LORD divideth the flames of fire“.

Our Father, by His Voice, the Holy Spirit, turns off every heat against us & makes us to enjoy sweatless triumphs all through.

I’m sure you still remember the story of Shedrach, Meshach & Abednego in the fiery furnace?

Our Lord Jesus was already waiting for them in the fire of the fiery furnace that was heated seven times more than normal & He divided, scattered the flames, such that not even the hair on their bodies was consumed, (& that should have been the first thing to burn) & no smell of fire was on them!

Glory! Halleluyah!

You may use your wild life science to explain that the lions were over fed at the time of Daniel but what physics do you want to suggest about the fire of the fiery furnace?

Haven’t you known that our Father dwells in an unapproachable light, & that He’s a consuming fire?

1 Timothy 6.16; Malachi 3.6.

He’s the consuming fire Who consumes every other fire set against us, so that we’re not consumed & do not suffer!

Beloved, fire pass fire!

Sometime ago, while still a federal civil officer in our dear nation, Nigeria, a colleague of mine in another city complained so bitterly about his Commanding Officer, to the point that he desired we swap stations, when I told him that no one can make life unbearable for me, rather there’ll be productivity & happiness, without compromise, by God’s grace!

As the Lord would have it, not too long, his boss was transferred to my station, & beloved, you know what, we had the best of times, both officially & personally, even when I resigned, he refused to send my letter to the headquarters for about six times, making appeals to me to get back!

Another time, still as a federal officer, there was the case of mistaken identity over an issue that took a national & international dimension, in which I was involved.

While in detention at the state police headquarters with some of my colleagues in a cell with alleged hardened criminals, the favour of our heavenly Father was so much on me that those alleged hardened criminals gave me alone special treatment.

Even the police officers too gave me preferential treatment by our heavenly Father’s favours, as they’ll not allow me to spend the night in the cell but with them at the counter.

On one of such nights, one of their superior officers came around & on demand, I was introduced as an officer from another department to which I promptly corrected.

Can you imagine that!

Just keep celebrating your heavenly Father & see how He turns every issue around in your favour, while Satan & his agents are biting their fingers, you’ll be just be laughing & enjoying promotions with blessings!

Or haven’t you read Psalm 128.1-2, about yourself?

[1]”(A Song of degrees.) Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways”.

[2]”For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

It’s time to hear His Voice, so that you’ll be happy & it’ll be well with you & be settled with heavenly difference!

Your mockers will either bow to celebrate you from now or they go into hiding at your appearance, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Keep enjoying your better than good life, in Jesus’

most colourful name!