Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I know for certain that you’re experiencing the SUPERNATURAL as you desire, according to God’s Word, & may that remain your testimony, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

It was a wonderful encounter for us at KDCG today in the April edition of our once in two months Flourish To Flourish Encounter Hour, where God’s servant, the Senior Pastor, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, helped our understanding of Who Commands The Supernatural!

The first teaching highlighted four major blessings of the miraculous, while the second teaching enlightened us as to Who Commands The Supernatural.

Be blessed as you read, in Jesus’ most colourful name!



[a]. The miraculous is the natural environment of the believer – Isaiah 33.16(New Living Translation):

these are the ones who will dwell on high.

    The rocks of the mountains will be their fortress.

Food will be supplied to them,

    and they will have water in abundance.

We know that when a person is born again in our Lord Jesus, such a one is where Jesus is – Ephesians 2.6(Amplified version):

“And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ Jesus (the Messiah, the Anointed One)”.

This joint seating position with our Lord Jesus affords us to be far above every power of darkness with their works of deception & hindrances – Ephesians 1.21(Living Bible):

far, far above any other king or ruler or dictator or leader. Yes, his honor is far more glorious than that of anyone else either in this world or in the world to come.

[b]. The miraculous is the believer’s place of security & provisions – Isaiah 33.16b(KJV):

“…: his place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks:.

Isaiah 33.16c(NLT):

“…Food will be supplied to them,

    and they will have water in abundance.

When you’re in your right location, your security & provisions are peacefully & timely guaranteed.

After a Sunday morning service sometime ago, one of our part time Pastors serving with me, gave me a huge cash gift of three hundred & thirty five thousand (Nigerian)naira.

There are gospel accounts of our Lord Jesus feeding thousands of people with seemingly what wasn’t enough & there was yet more than enough!

The gospel accounts also talk of His disciples not lacking anything when they were sent by Him on missionary journeys.

Your allocation is in the location He has determined for you.

[c]. The miraculous makes the believer to be unstoppable in advancement – John 3.8(Weymouth’s New Testament translation):

The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going. So is it with every one who has been born of the Spirit”.

Jesus walked on water as He needed to be with His disciples in the deep of the night, & He stopped the storm that wanted to stop their travelling on their assignment!

[d]. The supernatural is a major platform for promotions in life – we have in Scriptures the testimonies of supernatural liftings & promotions of people like Joseph, Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach & Abednego.

A dear Sister who had SUFFERED setbacks in her marital destiny received precise & accurate prophecy, & not long after, she got married in her mid forties to a Professor in a foreign country, (meanwhile she was running her PhD programme).

Another dear Sister whose marital destiny was being tampered with & delayed by the powers of darkness, enjoyed divine interventions, as an old time university friend, working in a federal government parastatal, located & hooked her up in marriage(she also has her PhD).

The child of God has been ordained to be the light bearer & pace setter in life but the miraculous will always be necessary – Matthew 5.13-15(Message Translation):

13 “Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth…“.

14 “Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world…, as public as a city on a hill“.

15 If I make you light-bearers,…, I’m putting you on a light stand.

The second teaching will be in our next post, tomorrow.

I hereby decree that every force from the pits of hell set to molest, harrass, frustrate, embarrass, hinder, set you back & make you suffer, dry off immediately, now, & I pronounce that the colours of your glorious, royal, & golden destiny & purpose begin to show without delay, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Take grace to be in fellowship with the saints on Sunday in church!



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