Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I’m persuaded that you’re maximising the benefits of the resurrection power, more & more?

The effects will keep showing in your life, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

We concluded today, at KDCG, the Special Easter programme, He’s Alive! as we looked at the subject, COMMANDING THE SUPERNATURAL – 3.

Please, understand that just as it is with Jesus, that He couldn’t be found among the dead, so it is with every child of God – you’re among the living & not among the dead!

It’s the living, the child of God, who commands the supernatural.

How does the child of God do that?

By carrying the Presence of God – Exodus 33.14(KJV):

“And he said, My PRESENCE shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest”.

When the believer consciously carries divine Presence, the supernatural that produces all round rest is the order of the day!

Divine Presence is a major asset of the believer in the school of the SUPERNATURAL!

We were on a flight from Lagos(Nigeria’s economic capital) to Yola(a city in North East of Nigeria), which should just take about one hour fifteen minutes but went on for over two hours, when suddenly, the pilot announced that he was having difficulty & that the plane may not be able to land as expected, since He has been circling for over thirty minutes, to no avail.

When I heard this, I was calm in my spirit because I know He’s with me!

An air of unhealthy panic gripped virtually everyone, from that kind of unholy, fearful silence to desperate uncertain agitations, & to worsen the matter for the people, the pilot again announced that fuel was getting low & wasn’t too sure if the nearest airport, in Abuja(Nigeria’s capital) will allow him to land & refuel, because the control tower there hasn’t been responding to his calls.

Where I was seated, I just calmly spoke to Jesus to ensure our safety, as He has promised, since I’m on board.

After a couple of minutes, the pilot came on again & informed us that he’ll have to make a detour to Abuja & refuel, & see if he can continue to our destination, this news gave the people respite.

However, after refuelling, he was advised not to continue that night because of bad weather, & by the following morning, we arrived our destination.

Glory to Jesus!

When you know He’s with you, no matter the weather, you know you’ll arrive your destination in peace!

I was travelling by road from the Eastern part of Nigeria to the Nation’s capital when somewhere about two hours to the destination, we encountered traffic grid as armed robbers were operating from tree top, & it was already getting dark.

Fear & panic had gripped everyone but I calmly spoke to the Lord to give me everyone in the bus with me, which He assured me.

With the meat I was eating in my hand, I took charge of the situation & as I called for heavenly response, the atmosphere was cleared off as armed policemen arrived at the scene & tackled the bandits.

On getting to a place for refuel, everybody started thanking me & calling me Pastor, even though while I was embarking initially, nobody recognised me.

I pray for you that whatever the enemy has organised to cause delay in your journey of life be scattered right now, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

There’s a graphic illustration of the power of His Presence in Psalm 114, when Israel came out of Egypt.

By reason of His Presence with Israel, the Red Sea, the walls of Jericho, the Jordan river & the giants couldn’t stop the advancement of God’s people into the Promised Land.

From now, no power of darkness will be able to hinder your advancement into your promised land, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

His Presence silenced every opposition!

There’s no creature that can successfully resist its Creator.

The enemy may not want to initially acknowledge you but he must acknowledge your Owner & Father!

In your walk with God, strive to carry His Presence always, then, every opposition will acknowledge your Father in your life & also acknowledge you.

In the book of Acts, we have the account of how a demon possessed man spoke of knowing Jesus & Paul!

That’s part of your heritage as a child of God, when & where demons will acknowledge your Father, the Lord Jesus, the Lord Holy Spirit, & you!

In Matthew 20, Jesus tells us that He’s with us till the end of time.

The Holy Spirit is with us, individually & corporately in the Church of Jesus, to ensure our all round accomplishment with peace, ease, on time, in a very grand style & colours!

How Do You Carry His Presence?

Psalm 22.3 – Make sure you’re praiseful.

We’re told somewhere in the Psalms that it is only the living who can praise the Lord.

If then you’re alive, you should joyfully praise Him.

The enemy knows that as long as you’re celebrating your heavenly Father & Lord, he dear not touch you, so he’ll do everything he can to discourage you from seeing God’s faithfulness but you should resist him!

As you praise Him, your joy will be full & you won’t experience any pressure but pleasures in His Presence – Psalm 16.11.

As you’re joyful in His Presence, all evils targeted against you are scattered because His eyes are too pure than to behold evil – Habakkuk 2.13.

As you continue your journey of destiny & purpose, may you keep soaring higher & higher, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

This is your week of resurrection!

Whatever that is to be alive in you but the enemy has tampered with comes alive & up now, in Jesus’ most colourful name!




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