Your Blessing Today:

Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I believe Church was a blessing for you yesterday?

I also believe that all through this week, it’ll be heaven on earth for you in all aspects, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I have the better news of the Kingdom for you today.

Is there any department of your life that the wicked one is trying to force dryness on you?

Are you married but yet to have children & you think age isn’t on your side, as the devil wants you to erroneously believe, in order to push you to any other option apart from Jesus?

Or maybe you’ve not even discovered & located your heavenly prepared spouse, one who is born again, truthful, lovingingly & purposefully productive for Jesus & you think you’re going past the age of getting married?

Could it be that you’re struggling for progress in your career, education, with your spouse, family, business, ministry or even in your health?

Your case could even be that just close to your miracle, there’ll be a heart wrenching disappointment such that you’ve resigned yourself to fate?

Have you concluded that that’s the way things should be because the traits are there in the family, you believe it’s hereditary &/or generational?

Someone is even contemplating suicide because of the shame…

Beloved, you don’t have to cut short your life or give up in your walk with & service to the Lord as long as Jesus is still on the throne!

I am hearing the Holy Spirit saying right now that within 3 months from now, your story is changing to His glory, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

However, there is what you must do, & that is simply agreeing & cooperating with the Lord Jesus for His timely interventions & involvement in your case.

What are you to do, now?

Let’s look at the key in Isaiah 54.1.

You must sing & keep singing!

You’re to be joyful & re-joice more & more in the Lord!

If you’re in any situation that has defied solutions, our Daddy is showing you the way out of that predicament, right now!

This is the last thing the devil, your enemy will want you to do.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t sound reasonable or logical at all but you see, Jesus isn’t always reasonable or logical because His concern isn’t logic or natural reasoning but that the Father’s Kingdom should show in your life, in power being displayed through righteousness, peace & joy in Holy Ghost – 1 Corinthians 4.20; Romans 14.17 – so that your joy will be full – John 15.16,11,13; 2.2-10.

You still remember the miracle at the wedding at Cana of Galilee? John 2.2-10?

Why must you sing?

Look at it this way: Your dad is a very wealthy & influential man in the world & one day, you’re down in your finances due to some wrong decisions you took in deploying your resources & there are very important & urgent issues to attend to.

Meanwhile, you’ve been refraining yourself from calling home because you know dad doesn’t like waste but then, you start to think about his generosity to others & you summon courage to call him & share your dilemma.

…And guess what, true to his nature, after talking to him, he assures you of his immediate assistance!

Of course, you don’t need any soothsayer to comfort you, your countenance will change from that of gloom to booming smiles, you’ll even tell your very close confidants that dad is sending helps to you!

You’re so sure because he’s your dad & you KNOW him.

In the same way, Daddy wants you to trust Him like that, even more than that because He’s your MAKER & YOUR DADDY, WHO IS ALSO YOUR HUSBAND, the HEAD of the family, making timely, adequate provisions & protection for every member because He’s capable & up to the task – Isaiah 54.4-5.

Abraham & Sarah were not ashamed because they gave glory to God; Hannah was not ashamed either because she also gave glory to God; Isaac & Rebecca, Jabez, Samson’s parents were not all ashamed because in their individual situations, they gave glory to God!

Singing, which is in the same family with thanksgiving, praise & worship, is an overflowing expression of gratitude in the love, faithfulness & omnipotency of our DADDY!

In Psalm 137, there was a very pathetic story of the Israelites.

I am so convinced that in the great & abundant mercies of God to them, He wanted to grant them quick deliverance & He used their captors to ask them to sing the Lord’s song but they allowed the tension of the moment to becloud the tested & trusted faithfulness of their God, & they replied that,…”how can they sing the Lord’s song in a strange land” – Psalm 137.4, so they delayed their deliverance.

That situation you’re in is a strange land, don’t sit down with it there bemoaning rather take your stand in the Lord & sing of His faithfulness…, according to & in line with His Word, with good understanding! Psalm 56.4,10.

Stop celebrating what is happening when it is against your glorious, golden & royal destiny & purpose in Jesus rather begin to celebrate what is written concerning you, in your favour.

That’s how Jesus subdued the devil!

Thanksgiving, praise & worship – gratitude – is a required sacrifice to turn issues around in your favour – Hebrews 13.15; 11.11; Romans 4.17-21 – you don’t wait for a turn around, you enforce your turn around, doing Daddy’s will.

You don’t sit down with the stranger in the strange land who’s against your royal, golden & glorious destiny & purpose but you rise up & sing & dance with praises in your heart & soul & body out of the clutches of the stranger in his strange land…, & you’re on the way to your glory land!

Sometime ago, one of my in-laws was praying & he said to God in thanksgiving that even in this situation, this young boy is still full of laughter & happiness…

Beloved, I’ve never had any occasion to find fault in my Daddy & He too has never shirked His faithful & powerful responsibilities towards me for a moment!

Jesus is for you & not against you!

They who are for you from the heavenly realm are more than they who are against you in any realm!

Anybody may dump & forget you but Jesus has you covered & He’s got your back – Isaiah 49.13-19; Hebrews 13.5-8; Psalm 27.1-2.

When you sing praises to the Lord in that situation, deliberately, desperately, intentionally & purposefully, Daddy steps in to the situation & lifts you up because He’s always manifesting in the favour of those who worship Him in Spirit & Truth, that is, with good understanding – Psalm 22.3; John 4.24; Proverbs 13.15.

Praising Him delivers into your hand the two edged sword with which you execute vengeance against the powers of darkness arrayed against your glorious, golden & royal destiny & purpose in Jesus! Psalm 149.1-9.

Daddy is always on your side, rise up now & give Him His praise to show that you’re on His side!

He’ll shake out of your life whatever has been shaking your life from the pits of hell, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

He’s glory upon your life from now will be greater than ever before, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

His power has never diminished or increased, He doesn’t change, you’re the one who must now give Him his special dainty – meal – so that He can rise up on your behalf to checkmate & clear off your coast the devil who’s been withstanding you!

Those who have declared that you won’t succeed & breakthrough in that area of your life will soon be found out to be liars unto you, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

I’ll soon hear of your better than good testimonies, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

As a matter of fact, I’m already rejoicing with you, are you rejoicing already, too?

Get up on your feet now & start behaving as a child who has a good heavenly Father! Matthew 7.7-11, by showing that you’ve accepted Jesus as Daddy’s love gift to you – Hebrews 4.12,16; 10.35-38; 1 Thessalonians 5.18; Galatians 5.6.




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