Your Blessing Today…

Better than good greetings, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

You’ll be loaded with benefits & blessings today, even in your HEALTH also, by the Word of the Lord, in Jesus’ most colourful name! Psalm 68.19; 103.1-5; 3 John 2.

I’ve the better than good news of the Kingdom for you, today.

The heartbeat of our heavenly Father is that you & I in the body of Christ live such a life that shows we truly belong to Him – 2 Corinthians 5.19-21; Romans 8.16.

However, we’ll need to do this according to His standard, not just as we like it – Hebrews 1.1-3.

His standard is Jesus Christ, His Living Word – John 14.6; Revelation 19.13.

Who then is Jesus?

Quite simply & direct, Jesus is the LOVE OF GOD, He is the very NATURE & LIFE of the FATHER! John 3.16.

The Father Himself is LOVE – 1 John 4.8,16 – & our Lord Jesus is the Father’s LOVE, our Father’s LOVE, our Father’s NATURE & LIFE personified. John 14.9.

That’s why as powerful as the subject of faith is – Mark 10.27; 9.23; Hebrews 11.6 – faith is impotent, barren without LOVE as its motive – Galatians 5.6; Hebrews 6.10; 1 Thessalonians 1.3.

Did you notice in 1 Corinthians 13.1-3, that the Holy Spirit used the probable tense in relation to the accomplishments of faith?

Then, He said that if such accomplishments should happen without the motive & attitude of God’s kind of LOVE, it’s all a waste!

God’s kind of LOVE is what makes the results of faith to be rewarded, if there’s any result at all, because the essence of faith is to bring about rewards – Genesis 15.1; Hebrews 11.6.

There are two words in the Greek translated ‘Divine Love’.

The first is Agape.

This is the one that we’re so familiar with – the unconditional love of God.

It reaches out to everyone at whatever state, not taking into consideration whether there’ll be acceptance or rejection.

Agape Love by implication is love shared because it is IN the nature of God.

This translation isn’t complete, it is limited.

However, the second word translated Divine Love is Agapa, which means, the LIFE OF GOD! THE NATURE OF GOD! THE VERY BEING OF GOD!

Though unconditional, yet expectant – John 3.16; 2 Corinthians 5.19-20(Amplified version).

Agape is unconditional & non expectant.

The LIFE of our heavenly Father is LOVE! 1 John 4.8,16.

Love isn’t just in Him, Love isn’t just a part of Him, as Agape implies rather, in Agapa, LOVE IS HIS ESSENCE, HIS SUBSTANCE, HIS VERY BEING, HIS PURPOSE! THAT’S WHO HE IS!

Everything He does is because of Who He is – HE IS LOVE! 1 John 4.8,16.

When the dog barks or goes back to its vomit, it acts like that because that’s its nature, that’s what the dog is, it is just displaying itself.

When the fish moves skillfully in the water, that’s just the fish – by its creation & purpose, its default design is to live skillfully in the water – it can’t climb a tree, that attempt will make it look so stupid.

When you put a sheep in a finely tiled room, it won’t stay there because its nature, it’s essence was designed for green grass – Psalm 23.2.

It is just natural by default design that the human female, & particularly, the Christian woman who is married, to be pregnant & in 9 months, deliver the child!

She’s simply benefiting from the covenant! Hebrews 8.6.

In creation, our heavenly Father made Himself as LOVE & to LOVE!

It’s not just in Him but THAT’S Him, HE IS LOVE! 1 John 4,8,16.

Therefore, when we took grace to be born again in Christ, we were recreated in Him, in His NATURE, ESSENCE, SUBSTANCE, VERY BEING & PURPOSE, IN HIS LOVE! Ephesians 2.10(Amplified version).

It is the consciousness of this DIVINE LOVE NATURE in us – 2 Peter 1.4(Amplified version) – that makes us as His dearly beloved children, to live like Him, above reproach, ignorance, sin & sufferings that sin & ignorance promote, including the ravaging of the body by sicknesses & infirmities.

As partners & sharers of His DIVINE NATURE OF (AGAPA) LOVE, we LIVE A TOTALLY HEALTHY LIFE, sickness & infirmities free life, as well as everything contrary to Him, just as we see Jesus lived & helps all those who receive Him, with power, riches, wisdom, honour, glory & blessing – Revelation 5.12; Acts 10.38; 1 Timothy 4.8; Acts 24.16(Amplified version).

When you LOVE, you’re Godly – John 14.21,23 – you’re enlightened, empowered, proactive, productive, resourceful, profited & profitable, you have engaged the suffering free mode – Isaiah 48.17-21;

Beloved, today, Daddy is encouraging you to keep exercising yourself in Him, in His NATURE & LIFE, by His Word & the Holy Spirit, so that you can keep benefiting from ALL THE BETTER THINGS that accompany your salvation, including TOTAL HEALTH, for the BETTER THAN GOOD LIFE! 1 Timothy 4.8; Hebrews 6.9; Revelation 5.10,12.

It is your day of grace, today, in Jesus’ most colourful name! Hebrews 12.28.

I decree the total failure of all powers of darkness arrayed against your HEALTH & BETTER THAN GOOD LIFE in ALL TOTALITY, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

You won’t suffer disgrace again in any department of your life, including HEALTH related issues, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Jesus Himself took your infirmities & carried your diseases, & by His stripes, you were(have been healed) – Matthew 8.17; 1 Peter 2.24.

When God brought out Israel out of Egypt & slavery, it was with abundance of financial & material wealth & they didn’t have to spend it on sickness because He kept them – Psalm 105.37.

You’re now in Him, I therefore & hereby cancel, by the wondrous blood of Jesus & the power of His Word & LOVE, every Satanic plot to waste your blessings on sickness, directly or through your wife, husband, children, parents or loved ones, in Jesus’ most colourful name!

Be BETTER THAN GOOD, in Jesus’ most colourful name!



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