…, our commitment to the heavenly vision & its delivered heavenly patterns & details, is spread across the following outreaches, for simple, easy yet effectual Scriptural & New Testament life applicable proven principles for the termination of the sufferings of God’s people, sound spiritual health & the obtaining of the glory of Jesus in all aspects:

  1. Holy Ghost Service: Every Sunday morning: 9am-11am. It’s basically impactfull Word teaching time, laced with worship & relevant prayers & ministrations as led by the Holy Spirit;
  2. Glory to Glory Word Hour: every Thursday, 5pm-6.15pm. It’s another time for Word exposition & intercession for ever increasing & steady glorious change in our lives after the order of Jesus!
  3. Restoration Hour: 1st Friday of every month, 5pm-6pm, where we pray for total & speedy restoration of all the devil has tampered with in the lives of God’s people;
  4. Tree of Life service: 1st day of the month, 5pm-6pm, where we commit the new month into the Lord’s Hand for refreshing & ease of accomplishment!
  5. Flourish to Flourish Encounter Hour: 2nd Friday(once in 2 months, started February 2019), 4pm-6.30pm: in-depth Word sessions, prayers, worship & diverse ministrations to enhance the ever flourishing status of the saints…!
  6. Power to Power Prayer Hour: Every Monday, 5pm-6pm: time to generate adequate Holy Ghost power for the Word to prevail against powers of darkness & move from where we are to where we should be…!

Nigerian time applies, please.

More information:

+234 806 099 2325;

+234 703 561 7606(Text messages & WhatsApp chats, please);